Our Story

71 Reasons and More Foundation was created in loving memory of Mark Chapas Jr.
Mark touched the lives of so many people around him. Those who knew Mark describe him as a role model, a kind young man, a loyal friend, and a person who was always looking out for others, particularly those who needed it the most. Mark not only protected those he loved and cared for but was also known for befriending and sticking up for the underdog. His friends will always remember him wearing a smile and doing whatever he could to make others laugh.  
Mark was a well-recognized and respected member of Oswego East High School’s 2022 class. His hard work and athletic prowess earned him a starting position on the OEHS football team, where he was the captain of the defensive squad. Mark was also a member of the school’s wrestling team, German club, track and field team, and bible study club — Lambs Among Wolves.
On the field, Mark worked hard to defeat the competition. But off the field, he was best known for crushing stereotypes. Beneath Mark’s rugged, jock-like exterior was a big-hearted, humble young man. From an early age, Mark pursued a life of service. He was a devout Catholic and volunteer at his local parish and completed many service projects as a member of the Boy Scouts of America. Mark also loved his country, so it was no surprise he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps to continue his lifelong commitment to service after high school.  
Mark was a valued member of the Oswego community and positively impacted many lives during his short 18 years. This was underscored by the overwhelming turnout at his wake and funeral and the many heart-warming testimonials, pictures, tributes, and mementos. His wake alone drew enough visitors to maintain hours-long lines out the door, demanding the need for outdoor tents and traffic directors. Today, those who were closest to Mark, as well as those he mentored and inspired, continue to feel a deep loss by his absence.  
Our mission is to bring awareness to mental health and to help end the stigma surrounding it.